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Representing Franchised Auto Dealers Nationwide
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Representing Marine Industry Manufacturers and Dealers
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DealerShip Legal Services

The attorneys at Bellavia Blatt have vast experience representing auto and marine dealers and as well as boat manufacturers in the following matters:

Auto and Marine Legal Services

For more than 33 years, the attorneys at Bellavia Blatt, P.C. have provided trusted legal advice and expertise to those in the automotive and boating dealership industries.

Franchise Litigation

The attorneys at Bellavia Blatt offer a full suite of services specifically tailored to franchised automotive dealers across the nation.

Marine Industry Services

Our law firm represents marine dealers and manufacturers across the country in both marine-specific as well as general business matters. We can answer your questions.

Warranty Parts & Labor Reimbursement

Bellavia Blatt is recognized as The Preeminent Law Firm for assisting dealers in obtaining substantial revenue increases with respect to warranty reimbursement.


Bellavia Blatt has negotiated over 1,000 buy-sell agreements on behalf of both buyers and sellers, involving every automotive franchise in the United States.

Succession and Estate Planning

Early planning is necessary to preserve wealth and ensure the transition of ownership, control and management of your business and assets.


For some dealerships,
Chapter 11 can offer a viable opportunity to preserve the business during financially challenging times.

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