Chrysler/GM Bankruptcy

Automotive industry experts and legal professionals nationwide recommend that Chrysler (and potentially General Motors) line make dealers retain individual, local council in New York’s Southern District of New York to represent them in Chrysler’s bankruptcy filing.

Bellavia Blatt agrees.

In the face of Chrysler’s bankruptcy filing (and potentially, GM’s) every dealer’s position will be unique, and only dedicated counsel will be able to represent their particular concerns. A dealer’s retained counsel will be able to:

  • File a Notice of Claim in Bankruptcy and provide defense if any claims are rejected;
  • Represent dealers regarding their specific franchise agreements, contracts and manufacturer relationships, particularly if a claim for “rejection damages” requires the creation of a damages model;
  • Provide guidance and support in negotiating any amounts owed or due
  • Appear in Bankruptcy Court in New York City to assert individual dealer claims.


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