“Last year we worked with Chris Forgione from Bellavia Blatt to address Warranty reimbursements
from our manufacturers. We have three dealerships, Subaru, Chevy, and Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep/Ram.
Chris and his team reviewed work orders from all 3 dealerships and determined we could increase our
warranty reimbursement by a considerable amount. We submitted their work to our manufacturers and increased reimbursements at all three stores. For what it cost, we saw a return on our investment in 3 months at our Subaru store and 6 months at the other two. Well worth the investment.”

Jim King -Fixed Ops Director, Ruge’s Automotive


“Chris Forgione and Dealer Law were instrumental in assisting our Dealership in obtaining a very significant warranty labor rate increase last year. We were already receiving retail for warranty parts, but Chris was able to obtain an increase on that too! They did the work investigating our customer pay rates and submitted the evidence along with the increase request to GM on our behalf. The increase in gross profit more than paid for the Dealer Law fee in just a few months. The advise we received from Chris Forgione on how to maintain our ELR is beneficial to receiving additional increases in years to come. We look forward to working with them again.”

Karen Frye – Controller, Orange Buick GMC


“Our experience with Bellavia Blatt was outstanding. They did everything they said they would in a timely and professional manner. We appreciated the one flat fee structure, and we are very pleased with the results of our transaction.”

Bill Knoblach – Gilleland Chevrolet Cadillac


“As soon as the House Bill 469 was passed and the Georgia Franchise Fair Practices Act changes were made law, we began searching for a firm that could represent our Group in the “retail for warranty parts” initiative. Chris Forgione and his team at Bellavia Blatt made the decision easy. We vetted a handful of purveyors and made the decision to contract with Bellavia Blatt because of the success we had experienced with them in previous representation. Chris and his team performed the required tasks with precision and were knowledgeable, helpful, and mainly “very accessible” through the process. They guided us through the process and aided us in making strategic decisions. We believe their approach helped us accomplish the task and position us with each of our manufacturers for an optimum result. The net results are impressive and have made a huge impact on our Groups bottom line. We are grateful for their efforts and performance during the process. We would highly recommend the Team at Bellavia and Blatt!”

Alan Freeman, Fixed Operations Director, Jim Ellis Automotive Group


“I am extremely satisfied with the service provided by Bellavia Blatt. We hired them to apply for an increase in our retail parts warranty markup percent. Their pricing is a very reasonable flat fee, the process is very clear, and they are great about responding to questions, so you know everything you need to up front. There is not one thing that was negative throughout the process and if we had to do it again, we would choose them.”

Angie Leemans, East Moline Chevrolet


“We used Chris and Bellavia Blatt, PC for our warranty parts reimbursement increase and was one of the smartest things we did! The process was seamless, and we did not have to do a thing. We figured our breakeven ROI was six weeks and increased our parts reimbursement rate by 23%. I was worried about push back from the manufacture and received ZERO! A short time later, the manufacturer came out with a huge engine recall. I highly recommend using Bellavia Blatt, PC and do not wait! No Brainer!!!”

Dealer, Upstate NY


“Chris and the Team at Bellavia Blatt we’re incredibly helpful throughout the Warranty and Labor Increase process. We decided to do both at once and saw great gains in both areas and plan on repeating the process mid-year! Thank for your help BB Team!”

Eric Fussell – General Manager, Jupiter Chevrolet


“I am completely satisfied with the return on our investment after having employed Bellavia Blatt to review our GM Parts warranty reimbursement. We have almost doubled our monthly gross profit retention on warranty parts at our GM store. If a dealer is not getting retail reimbursement for parts, I would highly recommend Bellavia Blatt as the solution to increasing warranty parts margins to near retail levels. The repair order records submission process to the manufacturer was smooth and the cost of the service was recovered within a few months after receiving the higher margins on warranty parts achieved as submitted by your firm.”

Joe Profeta – Parts and Service Director, Smail Auto Group


“I just wanted to thank you, and your Firm, for helping us with our warranty parts reimbursement submission.
We were stuck at cost plus 40% for years, we had always been reluctant to request an increase for parts.
Working with your firm was fast and simple, and we got an increase to cost plus 71% on the first submission. I would highly recommend your Firm to any Dealer feeling the pinch of a low markup on warranty repair parts.”

Lawrence Cottingham – Fixed Operations Director, Kentucky


“Bellavia Blatt was instrumental in assisting our auto group with our warranty reimbursement project. We had raging success with our submissions, and the process was painless. The customer service from the team was great. We could not have pulled this off without their dedication and assistance.”

Chad Leavitt – Findlay Automotive Group


“We were very happy with the results. We have been a franchise for less than two years and we did not expect the results that we got. We will be doing the process again in the near future.”

Bill Ehrig – Matt Blatt Mitsubishi


“We like the flat fee for the service as opposed to other firms that charge a percentage of future profit. Dealer Law has a great team who will go to bat for you with the manufacturer to get the maximum margin, leaving you time to concentrate on what’s important – your business.”

Tim Price – Director of Parts Operations, Ganley Westside Imports


“I want to thank you and your team for the successful parts rate increase. From start to finish it was executed flawlessly; the increase doubled our gross. With the cost of adhering to manufacturers’ standards (training, tools, administration, audits etc.) this additional gross offsets that expense. Please use us as a reference.”

Bill Hughes – Ed Voyles Companies


“We will definitely be repeat clients of Bellavia Blatt. They went above and beyond to accommodate us and to increase our bottom line. Thank you for all of your help!”

Rob Luegers – Service Consultant/Warranty Administrator, Bob Luegers Buick GMC


“Just a quick note to thank you and the team at Bellavia Blatt for the outstanding work you did for us on our Parts Markup and Labor Rate Increase submission. Your team was able to make a complicated process virtually turnkey. And the results have been phenomenal, yielding significant increase for our Fixed Operations.”

Scott Ritter – General Manager, Planet Dodge Chrysler Jeep, Planet Alfa Romeo Fiat


” Our Auto group has been associated with Bellavia Blatt and Chris Forgione for over 5 years now. We have had nothing but success with every project they have taken on for our Auto Group. Chris and Tom are very easy to work with. They make sense out of some very complicated issues and always seem to come up with a resolution. In these times of the manufacturers tightening the purse strings (Again!) it is comforting to know that the team at Bellavia Blatt is ready to go to work for us. I would highly recommend using them for any application for labor or parts reimbursement increases. I have attempted to do these applications myself in the past and I feel this is no longer a viable way to go about it. Chris and his team prepare the application to the letter of the law, and there is no rebuttal from the manufacturers. I also thing the fee structure is more reasonable than the firms that want a piece of the increase. The increases we have received have been very large and paid for the fees very quickly. I am and will remain a satisfied client for many years to come!”

John F. Dunn – General Manager Fixed Operations, Progressive Auto Group


“When Scoggin-Dickey decided to pursue a request with General Motors in 2016 for a warranty reimbursement labor and parts increase, we contacted Chris Forgione with Bellavia Blatt, PC. He guided us through the process and was extremely informative and knowledgeable of the required procedures thus putting us at ease with the request process. His team was timely in putting together the information that GM needed and drafted the letters required for us to request the increase. This rewarded Scoggin-Dickey with a substantial increase in both the labor and parts reimbursement from GM. One year later GM requested an audit of Scoggin Dickey concerning the warranty reimbursement increase and Chris Forgione drafted another letter responding to that audit. GM allowed us to continue with the increased rates in part due to this law firm’s involvement. I would certainly recommend Bellavia Blatt, PC and Chris Forgione to any dealership wanting to move forward with this procedure.”

Teresa Langston – Controller


“Our parts department’s warranty markup was increased from 40% to 69.6% after the Bellavia Blatt analysis. This additional 29.6% was all profit for us and has made a big impact on the dealership. Now our parts manager looks like a hero from month to month! Hiring Bellavia Blatt, in hindsight, was a no brainer. Bellavia and Blatt did an amazing job when we asked them to audit our factory warranty labor rate and part reimbursement. They were clear and precise about the process that needed to be followed. Our fair market rate increases were approved by the factory for both parts and labor. Would not suggest anyone do this on their own, hire someone, the payoff is immediate!”

Randy Wood – Ellis Automotive


“We have used Bellavia Blatt multiple times for both Parts and Labor warranty increases and each time the increases that we have received have been substantial. Everyone at Bellavia Blatt is professional and easy to work with.”

Brian Rapp – Bill Rapp Subaru


“I wanted to thank Bellavia Blatt for the efforts and services provided with regard to our warranty reimbursement request. The documentation required to be collected, analyzed and submitted to ensure the greatest possible increase is not something that we were prepared to undertake. We have realized a substantial increase in profits as a result of your firms’ activities. My only regret is that we did not engage Bellavia Blatt earlier.”

Randy Phillips – Morris Cadillac Buick GMC, Inc.


“I’d recommend Bellavia Blatt for their warranty parts reimbursement work. They did all of the preparation and analysis for our parts submission and we got a good boost to our warranty markup that will go straight to our bottom line. For the money we spent, working with them provided a great value for us.”

David Jaggers – General Manager, Leachman Buick GMC


“Bellavia Blatt got us a great parts markup for our dealership. While I thought we might face a challenge from the factory, I was surprised at how well they were able to navigate through the submission process to get the results that we wanted. I am happy to recommend them to other dealerships.”

Jeff Potts – Parts Manager, Buckeye Superstore


“I have dramatically increased my warranty revenue since hiring Bellavia Blatt to prepare my submission.  Their flat fee is negligible compared to the added gross profit. They are fully familiar with the state laws, manufacturer policy and their professionalism is second to none”

Jim Harden – Fixed Operations Director, Bill Estes Automotive


“Because they only represent franchisees, Leonard A. Bellavia and his associates have developed a comprehensive knowledge of the nature of franchisor/franchisee relations from a dealer perspective. Bellavia Blatt focused practice eliminates the intense learning curve most other lawyers face in representing franchisees.”

Dealer – Parsippany, NJ


“Satisfied does not accurately describe my experience with Bellavia Blatt, PC. Impressed would be more appropriate. The end result of my case was better than I ever thought it could be, all due to the knowledge, professionalism, and savvy of Bellavia Blatt.”

Dealer – Long Island, NY


Leonard A. Bellavia and his associates have a superior track record in representing franchise owners. I am not aware of any firm in the country that has tried and won more cases against major franchisors.”

Dealer – Long Island, NY